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  • Date - 29.04.2024
    ""The School office will remain open from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm on 6.05.2024; 09.05.2024; 10.05.2024; 13.05.2024; 14.05.2024; 15.05.2024; 17.05.2024; 07.06.2024; & 08.06.2024 for fees collection"

  • Date - 28.04.2024
    ""School Reopens on 10th June 2024 after Summer Vacation""

  • Date - 28.04.2024
    ""Summer Vacation for Session 2024-25 starts from 1st May 2024""

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Admission Open for 2024-2025


The children of orphanage “Ananda Bhavan” and the students of South Calcutta Public School jointly marched on the day of 25th December 2021 to spread different social awareness messages such as Stop Drugs, Stop Child Marriage, Pollution, Cleanliness to prevent Dengue, Stop wastages of water, Wear Mask, Maintain Social Distance, Do not speak over phone while charging, Safe Drive Save Life, Do not steal electricity, etc. to the surrounding areas and it had a great impact among people.

About Us

South Calcutta Public School is the first Green School situated in pleasant leafy grounds close in the lush green serenity of Navason, at Prasadpur, near Sonarpur. The school has come up with tradition to provide educational excellence and guidance for every child who begins his/her journey from childhood to high school.


The School is a co-educational English Medium School which provides a fun and stimulating environment which guarantees the holistic development of the child.


Inaugurated on 15th August 2015, the school started its journey from January 2016.  The school launched with its pre-primary sections on 2016 and in the year 2021 the school has reached to Grade IX.


The construction of the Senior Secondary School is on its progress and will be completed within few years. The Senior Secondary School has 8.5 acres campus with a five storied building of 70,000 Sq. Ft., state of the art facilities and infrastructure. While academic excellence would be highly focused along with genuine commitment towards encouraging all students to participate in a wide range of training activities - cultural, sporting and curriculum. 


South Calcutta Public School already under processing of applying to affiliation towards CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), aims to inspire students to acquire knowledge and realize their self-worth in a supportive, caring environment. With the world class infrastructure the school is ready to provide all the opportunities for every student to experience success and to achieve their full potential. 

Our Infrastructure

South Calcutta Public School aims to inspire students with a caring learning environment and with all types of opportunities. 

The proposed school is coming up with 4.61 acres of campus and a state of art 5 storied building of 70,000 Sq. ft. This proposed campus will have classes from Nursery to Class XII for all streams.

The Senior Secondary School will be affiliated to C.B.S.E curriculum. All the classrooms are designed under C.B.S.E regulations to keep the actual Teacher: Student ratio. 

The School plans to include some of the latest inside campus facilities as

Large Playgrounds (for Football, Cricket, Long Jump etc.)

Hostel facility

Trained faculty 

Smart Classroom

Hi-Tech Laboratory (for all streams)

Multimedia & Computer Rooms


Transport facility

·          Large Playgrounds (for Football, Cricket, Long Jump etc.)

Hostel facility

Trained faculty 


·          Smart Classroom

Hi-Tech Laboratory (for all streams)

Multimedia & Computer Rooms


Transport facility

Parent's Speak

our Gallery


our achievements

The school was inaugurated on August 15, 2015, and has been operating since January 2016. Most of our students are from rural areas, and with the help of our teachers, they have already assimilated the mannerisms and behaviours of English medium schools. They can follow all instructions in English, and students in higher grades can even speak. They have participated in various extracurricular activities and are very interested in studying.


The construction phase for the four-story main school building is underway, and it will be around 70,000 square feet, with classes ranging from Nursery to Class XII.


The school's big, airy classrooms are outfitted with a variety of learning technology and audio-visual gadgets to aid students with curriculum-specific modules and make knowledge acquisition a joyful experience.


Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like as music, dance, art, and crafts, among others, contribute to the overall development of the child's personality while also clarifying and reinforcing theoretical comprehension at a higher level. The experiences and abilities obtained from these activities make them proactive and proficient for future efforts.


Physical development-focused activities such as yoga, meditation, athletics, sports competition, and so on assist the youngster stay healthy. Many activities, such as group games, also teach important soft skills like critical thinking and collaboration. We believe that a physically active individual have a higher probability to be emotionally healthy.


The school includes a large, well-stocked library with current resources to help students learn. The library is equipped with regular periodicals, journals, daily, narrative books, and numerous subject and reference books, and it is often the first stop for students looking for information or reading outside of the syllabus.


The school offers a systematically planned IT Lab, which is equipped with unrivalled hardware and software that has been upgraded to the most recent versions, preparing students for the future.


The school features subject-specific laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics classes, all equipped with modern equipment to allow students to learn through experiential learning.


The school campus is outfitted with CCTV surveillance, which ensures complete monitoring for the students' safety and security.


The school provides students with on-demand transport services to help them get to school on time, safely and comfortably.








founder speech

Speech by our Visionary & Founder Dr. Nalinaksha Biswas

“In 2012 I started the orphanage home with the help of the members of the Indian Board of Trust, The Biswas Educational Foundation, and since then l nourished a dream in my mind to set up an educational institute, so that the children from the orphanage of the foundation can get free education.

It was also my desire that the children of the surrounding villages belonging to the under privilege section of the society can also avail quality education in English medium with a nominal fee.

With tireless efforts and participation from all corners, my dream converted into reality and South Calcutta Public School started its journey in 2016.

I am now confident that within another two to three years time the construction of the school building covering an area of 70,000 Sq. Ft. will be complete with all the necessary facilities such as laboratories, library, play ground so that there will be no problem in getting the affiliation of the school with CBSE the process for which has already been taken up by the school.

As per my concept this building is completely a green building which self-adjusts its internal environment for temperature and humidity keeps inside cool in summer and warm during winter. These give a wide range of revenue savings and reduce power consumption.

I believe that the students passing out their 12th standard final exam from this school will be facing the outside competitive world with confidence and can compete equally with the students from the big towns and cities in respect to merit and wisdom.

I take this opportunity to thank all the members of Board of Trustees, the teaching and non teaching staffs of the school, and others for their active participation and work for making my dream into a reality.”

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