The school was inaugurated on August 15, 2015, and has been operating since January 2016. Most of our students are from rural areas, and with the help of our teachers, they have already assimilated the mannerisms and behaviours of English medium schools. They can follow all instructions in English, and students in higher grades can even speak. They have participated in various extracurricular activities and are very interested in studying.


The construction phase for the four-story main school building is underway, and it will be around 70,000 square feet, with classes ranging from Nursery to Class XII.


The school's big, airy classrooms are outfitted with a variety of learning technology and audio-visual gadgets to aid students with curriculum-specific modules and make knowledge acquisition a joyful experience.


Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like as music, dance, art, and crafts, among others, contribute to the overall development of the child's personality while also clarifying and reinforcing theoretical comprehension at a higher level. The experiences and abilities obtained from these activities make them proactive and proficient for future efforts.


Physical development-focused activities such as yoga, meditation, athletics, sports competition, and so on assist the youngster stay healthy. Many activities, such as group games, also teach important soft skills like critical thinking and collaboration. We believe that a physically active individual have a higher probability to be emotionally healthy.


The school includes a large, well-stocked library with current resources to help students learn. The library is equipped with regular periodicals, journals, daily, narrative books, and numerous subject and reference books, and it is often the first stop for students looking for information or reading outside of the syllabus.


The school offers a systematically planned IT Lab, which is equipped with unrivalled hardware and software that has been upgraded to the most recent versions, preparing students for the future.


The school features subject-specific laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics classes, all equipped with modern equipment to allow students to learn through experiential learning.


The school campus is outfitted with CCTV surveillance, which ensures complete monitoring for the students' safety and security.


The school provides students with on-demand transport services to help them get to school on time, safely and comfortably.









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