South Calcutta Public School is governed and overseen by The Biswas Educational Foundation, which is a non-profitable, non-political, non-religious Public Charitable Trust, established in the year 2008. The goal of the Trust is to provide free education, in order to impart free education and a means of subsistence to the orphan and single-parent children of impoverished families of the society.


For the past eleven years, the aforementioned Trust has conducted a variety of social welfare initiatives. The Trust maintains its own land, buildings, and carry charity activities entirely on its own ability, without any assistance from the government. It is also important to note that the Trust will continue to fulfil all of its social duties in the same manner in the future. Four distinguished Trustees have been in charge of the trust and they are – Mrs. Nilima Biswas, Mrs. Gita Dev Biswas, Mr. Debashish Biswas and Mr. Tarun Bagchi, who devoted themselves for the wellbeing of the society.


The Trust was established with the kind intentions and motivation of our visionary Dr. Nalinaksha Biswas, who holds a Doctoral Degree (PhD.) in environmental control, heat, and mass transfer from Nottingham University in England. Prior to retiring early, Dr. Biswas worked for many years as a senior lecturer in building science at Leeds Metropolitan University. He explained his plans to build a school to educate and impoverishe children especially the orphans.


The Trust maintains a facility called "Ananda Bhavan" where around 39 underprivileged children receive free education, clothing, food, and accommodation along with suitable medical treatment. Furthermore, a recreational plan has been put in place to see the children develop in an environment of freedom and skill. These children will remain in our care until they finish Class XII, at which point they will be assisted in pursuing higher education.

To make it possible to maintain this project, Dr. Biswas believed about establishing a school where children from regular neighbourhood families could attend and get an affordable, high-quality education, in addition to the children who were staying at our facility.


South Calcutta Public School is the very first ecological green school situated in the pleasant neighbourhood of Prasadpur, Sonarpur. Established on August 15, 2015, the school began operations in January 2016 as a coeducational English-medium school with the objective of ensuring each child's complete development.

The campus of the school has been established on a 4.02-acre property, and a four-story building of approximately 70,000 square feet is at present under construction. This ecological infrastructure is gradually taking shape under the supervision of one renounced architect firm - D.C. Paul & Sons, offering state-of-the-art, stylish design, strong security, and all of the latest facilities that a school can imagine.

This school building is being built using the Ecological Green Building concept, which includes thermal insulation to maintain a constant comfortable temperature within the structure despite fluctuations in atmospheric temperature. The institution currently has classes ranging from Nursery to Class IX.


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